This job opening wasn’t just monkey business



This job opening wasn’t just monkey business


 I remember a job opening from a few years ago. It was for one of the most high-profile positions in Phoenix.


It was a job in which your performance is seen by many and judged by all. Success in large part depends on the fortunes of your team. But no matter, you ultimately must function at a high level at all times, even if the rest of your group is not.


Lots of pressure, to be sure, but it said the job came with enormous rewards.


It was with one of the best-known business brands in the region, one that’s been around nearly 50 years. And it was stable, with historically very little turnover. Take a look at some of the main points from the job description.


--You must have knowledge and love for the industry and respect for all aspects of it.


--You must have a natural sense of humor and timing and know how far you can push the envelope without taking away from the core purpose at hand.


--You must enjoy being around people of all types and be able to communicate that to everyone you meet.


--You must be able to improvise and take advantage of opportunities by thinking fast on your feet.


--You must be comfortable with your name remaining out of the spotlight and to not let your ego get in the way of the position, which will be highly recognizable.


--You must be comfortable in saying no to your operations people.


--You must have the ability to always be thinking ahead, about the next opportunity or competitor, and how you are going to prepare for it.


--You should be aware at all times of all that is happening around you so as to capitalize on things others might miss.


--You must have a deep appreciation for clients on and off the job and be an ambassador at all times for your organization and industry, especially since the industry has been filled with scandals, strikes and individual failures that have captured national attention.


--You must perform at a level that will ensure you will leave an enduring legacy.


--You must value the people around you who back you up and give you the support to learn new kills and grow in your talents.


These are high expectations for anyone in a leadership role today. But this was no ordinary business job. This job description was for the person who wanted to be the next Phoenix Suns Gorilla.


The descriptions are as applicable to a team mascot as they are to a CEO. They represent the values we hold close to our hearts and apply to us at all levels no matter what kind of work we do.


Isn’t it nice that to think that it takes a Gorilla to remind us how best to act like a human?